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Journey Home: Inside a hospice for the homeless

The National documentary “Journey Home” takes you inside a groundbreaking hospice for the homeless.

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Life on streets ‘a killer’: New hospice offers end-of-life care to the homeless

On any given night, 5,200 people are sleeping on the streets in Toronto. For every one of those, 23 other people are in temporary housing — anything from couch surfing and staying with friends to living in shelters.

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PUBLIC Chats: Journey Home Hospice

In the fall of 2017, PUBLIC worked with Saint Elizabeth and community partners to develop the brand identity, name and engagement strategy for the launch of Journey Home Hospice, Toronto’s only hospice for vulnerably housed people. We sat down to talk to Asher Lurie about the process, and what the launch of the hospice means to the city of Toronto.

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Toronto Has A New Hospice That Offers Palliative Care To The Homeless

Many people worry about their final days. And most Canadians want to die at home. But where do you spend those last days if you don’t have a home?

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Hospice Care for the Homeless

Last Thursday evening, at 11:00 PM, I walked along East Hastings Street in Vancouver. It is not a pretty part of the city. I walked about 6 blocks and each block had about 50-100 people on it. And each 1 of them was homeless. Surprisingly, I never felt concerned for my safety during that 6-block walk.

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New hospice offers palliative care to Toronto’s homeless

Most Canadians say that, if they had a choice, they would prefer to die at home. But what happens when you don’t have a home?

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This Toronto-based hospice offers palliative care for homeless people

Your Morning host Anne-Marie Mediwake speaks with Dr. Naheed Dosani about the new facility and why its services are so important.

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Journey Home Hospice

Dr. Naheed Dosani sits down to chat about Journey Home Hospice opening its doors on CBC’s Here and Now.

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New hospice for the homeless opens in downtown Toronto

TORONTO, ON, April 30 – Journey Home Hospice, a new care facility for people who are homeless and facing the end of life, has officially opened its doors. The hospice will welcome its first residents this week, providing inclusive high-quality care to some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens .


Ontario Opening New Hospice for Homeless in Toronto

Press release from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announcing funding for Journey Home Hospice.

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Ontario to open end-of-life care facility for Toronto’s vulnerable and homeless

Globe reporter Rachel Levy-McLaughlin talks to the partners involved in launching Journey Home Hospice.

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As It Happens: Homeless Hospice

Coming in the new year, Toronto is opening a new hospice for the homeless. In this interview with As It Happens, palliative-care physician Dr. Naheed Dosani explains why this service is needed.

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New Hospice to Aid Homeless on the Journey Home

The Catholic Register looks at Toronto’s newest hospice, specializing in end of life care for people experiencing homelessness.

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Ontario Announces New Toronto Hospice for the Homeless

The province is partnering with Hospice Toronto, Saint Elizabeth Foundation and Inner City Health Associates on the project to address the demand for end-of-life and palliative care for Toronto’s homeless.

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